In each slice, the scent of Sauris

From 1862, in Sauris

An enchanted and isolated place, a unique community for traditions and culture, a stubborn and capable family. These combined elements make Wolf Sauris unique. The butcher Pietro Schneider called “Wolf”, born in Sauris in 1862, prepared hams and cured meats with traditional methods that were handed down until the Sixties when his nephew, Giuseppe Petris “Bepi” and his family founded the company. This art has remote origins but still brings on the tables of gourmets quality products with unmistakable flavors.

One family, one tradition

Producing hams and salami in the mountains in an isolated and distant from the comforts place is a difficult job. A profession that dad Giuseppe and mom Licia handed down by example and dedication. A job that becomes primarily valorization of a culture and a territory as Sauris and Stefano and Katia along with Claudio continue to cultivate with great passion.

Sauris-Zahre: a unique territory

In the heart of the Friulian Dolomiti, Sauris is the highest municipality of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A village nestled in the valley of the Lumiei creek in the woods of fir, larch and beech trees at a height of 1200 meters above sea level and until the ‘50s was difficult to reach and isolated during the long winter months. A unique territory which also makes inimitable products that arise them.

A village with a special history

Sauris is an island in the middle of the mountains. A place where nature has meant that the first families arrived from the Tyrol and Carinthia retained their original German language, the construction techniques and woodworking, different from all the surrounding communities, their agricultural traditions and food. A very particular story that reflects in the special taste of our products.